Protecting Your Radio Station's Digital Assets After You Die
Jun 20, 2022 Subscribe

I've known a few radio stations and several website clients who have lost access to their digital assets after an employee, friend, or family member passed away.  So, it's very... Read more.

Integrating Local Discounts Offers and Rewards with GetintheLoop
Jun 13, 2022 Subscribe

Promoting local discount deals, coupons and special rewards on your radio station website is a great way to bring back visitors on a daily (or even hourly) basis.

Today we talk with Matt... Read more.

Adding Video to Your Sports Broadcasts
Jun 06, 2022 Subscribe

Adding video to your local sports broadcasts can take your game to the next level.  Today we interview Gabe Edney with Paragon Sports TV.  They can help your station get started or help... Read more.

We Interview Cool Radio Streaming
May 30, 2022 Subscribe

Being a small company, we love partnering with other small companies.  Skyrocket Radio recently presented at a broadcasters convention in Alabama and got a chance to talk with Tom Dobrez, the... Read more.

The Importance of Optimizing Website Images
May 23, 2022 Subscribe

The speed that your radio station website loads matters – maybe more than you realize.  Overall, we have grown increasingly impatient with the amount of time we’re willing to wait for... Read more.

Charging Subscriptions for Website and Streaming Content
May 16, 2022 Subscribe

You and your team work hard to generate great content for your radio station website. You have listeners coming back day after day and you have the stats to show it. You may think to yourself,... Read more.

Migrating From Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4
May 02, 2022 Subscribe

Google Analytics was initially built during a time when people had hit counters on their websites. Since then, the way we use the internet and the data businesses need to track has dramatically... Read more.

Promoting Your Website On-Air and on Social Media Properly
Apr 25, 2022 Subscribe

Sadly, I find that more and more stations are not properly promoting their websites as they should. If you treat your website(s) as a separate radio station(s) that you can generate traffic and... Read more.

Stop Promoting Social Media Channels on Your Website
Apr 18, 2022 Subscribe

You read that headline correctly but please don’t get me wrong. I am a big advocate that every radio station should be on whatever social media platforms their listeners are on so they can engage... Read more.

Removing Old Content to Help Your Website Grow
Apr 11, 2022 Subscribe

This week we got a call from a station asking if their news posts could be set to automatically expire after a certain day and time. For example, you post a local news story about a new... Read more.

Conversation with "Digital Dot Connector", Seth Resler
Mar 28, 2022 Subscribe

Seth Resler is a 25-year broadcasting and podcasting veteran who worked on-air and in programming at several major markets before crossing into online marketing. He’s now the digital strategist... Read more.

Regular Admin's Guide to Protecting Your Website from Cyber Attacks
Mar 21, 2022 Subscribe

It seems like every day or week there’s a new headline about another app or website being hacked. And these are typically the higher profile websites. In fact, a hacker attack occurs every 39... Read more.

15 Things to Check Each Month on Your Website
Mar 14, 2022 Subscribe

Our WordPress maintenance checklist covers a list of essential things you should do religiously each month to ensure that your website runs smoothly across multiple devices. While this is a monthly... Read more.

Is Your Radio Station Website a Destination or Disappointment?
Mar 07, 2022 Subscribe

I spend a lot of time navigating radio station websites all over the world and consider their efficacy from both a marketing and user perspective. I’m often surprised by odd navigational choices,... Read more.

The Best Way to Add Video to Your Radio Station Website
Feb 28, 2022 Subscribe

There are a few different methods to display a video on your website and the advantages of using a third-party service like Youtube and Vimeo versus uploading and displaying video from your hosting... Read more.

Get a Free Alexa Skill for your Radio Station Stream
Feb 21, 2022 Subscribe

There’s a new way to enable people to play your radio station directly on Alexa without having to write a single line of code.  Thanks to the Alexa Radio Skills Kit, radio stations no longer... Read more.

Decreasing Load Times of Your Website
Feb 14, 2022 Subscribe

Most of these podcast episodes come about because sometime in the week prior, something has come up for me to spawn discussing it for everyone. This week I discovered a few client websites were... Read more.