5 Essential Radio Station Website Sponsorships
Feb 19, 2024 Subscribe
A well-crafted website serves as the cornerstone of your station’sonline presence. It's not just a platform for streaming your content but an invaluable asset for generating revenue through...
Elevate Your Audience Reach: How to Include Your Station in Google News
Feb 12, 2024 Subscribe
Have you ever been to Google News and been frustrated that your competition’s news stories were there, but yours were missing?  Today, we’ll give you the steps to ensure your content also...
AI-Generated Images are the Answer to Copyright Claims
Feb 05, 2024 Subscribe
Do you know of a radio station that's been popped with an image copyright claim on its website? Today, we'll give you some tips involving AI to keep your website out of...
Maximizing Your Online Potential with Annual Website Audits
Jan 29, 2024 Subscribe
When did you last look at your website as a listener or a potential advertiser? Today, we will discuss the importance of regular content audits and how they can maximize your website’s...
Choosing the Perfect Mobile App Provider
Jan 22, 2024 Subscribe
The amount of time people spend on their mobile continues to climb, so radio stations must be able to connect with listeners on those devices. Today, we’ll give you the information to pick the...
How ChatGPT Can Impact Your Radio Station and Digital Strategy
Jan 15, 2024 Subscribe
It surprised me over the holidays that some of my family members had never experienced anything AI.  A few kids used ChatGPT to help with (or do) their homework, but the adults had only heard of...
How User-Generated Content Could Reinvent the Radio Station Website
Jan 08, 2024 Subscribe
One of the most challenging aspects of maintaining a radio station website is creating the right content that keeps visitors returning daily.  For more detailed show notes, visit
2024 Resolutions for Radio Station Website
Jan 01, 2024 Subscribe
Looking back on 2023, did you have any big wins with your radio station website?  A breaking news story that produced a lot of traffic?  A particular banner ad campaign that did well for a...
Embracing Hyperlocal: Why Your Radio Station's Website Should Focus Locally
Dec 18, 2023 Subscribe
We’re approaching the end of the year, and many stations will start looking to 2024 as the year they finally jump into this internet thing and focus more on their website.  This meansthey will...
Why Does My Station Website Struggle to Attract Traffic and Sales?
Dec 04, 2023 Subscribe
Today, we're diving deep into a common concern that radio station owners and managers have - why their station website needs to catch up in traffic and sales. We’ve always believed that a...
Competitive SEO: Outranking Your Rivals
Nov 27, 2023 Subscribe
Competitive SEO is for authors who want to see their content thrive. Let’s use a specific news post example that you and a competing radio, TV station, or newspaper break simultaneously. The...
Strategies for Keeping Your No-Staff Radio Website Engaging
Nov 20, 2023 Subscribe
No matter what business you’re in, keeping your website fresh and engaging is crucial to ensure returning visitors. We talk to radio stations of all sizes, including those as small as the owner...
Out with the Old: How Content Pruning Boosts Your SEO
Nov 06, 2023 Subscribe
The idea of more content equating to better SEO is no longer valid.  Storing years of old news stories and blog posts could be hurting your website.  Today, we’ll explain how pruning your site...
Turning Your Radio Station Website into a Revenue-Generating Machine
Oct 30, 2023 Subscribe
Your radio station website can produce a goldmine of revenue if you think outside the typical banner ad box.  Today, we’ll uncover practical ways to generate revenue with your website beyond...
Why Radio Stations Fail at Homepages: A Guide to Doing Them Right
Oct 23, 2023 Subscribe
Ever since the first radio station website, there have been arguments on what should be included on the homepage. Some believe that everything the station is doing should be included since the...
Radio Station Website Solutions: How to Choose the Right Path
Oct 16, 2023 Subscribe
Are you looking to do something different with your radio stationwebsite?  Or are you just starting out and finally realizing the importance of an active online presence?  For more...
Your Radio Station Website Report Card: Does Your Site Make the Grade?
Oct 09, 2023 Subscribe
For more detailed show notes, visit Read more.
Streaming Your Station to Amazon Fire and Roku Smart TVs
Oct 02, 2023 Subscribe
This past week, I attended the Mississippi Association of Broadcasters annual conference in Natchez, Mississippi, and had the opportunity to meet and talk to Jim Bob Allgood with Midsouth...
Two Must-Have Objectives for Your Radio Station’s Website
Sep 25, 2023 Subscribe
With so many digital options available to broadcasters, focusing on what’s essential may be difficult.  Obviously, your website is super important.  Today, we discuss the two must-have...